Bread for Fairies: Recovering From Brain Injury

A fairy walks investigates a low hanging tree branch in a dark forest.

When a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury, they can change so dramatically that you almost don’t recognize them anymore. You find yourself, months following the event, staring across the kitchen table at someone who looks like the guy you married but is not him anymore. Not only is this person disagreeable and short-tempered, […]

Respite: While Taking Care of Others

Bottom half of legs in a bubble bath, crossed at the ankle.

Care giving for a significant other who’s not going to get better, while raising and supporting children, along with the dealing with an aging parent is rather like trying to dance on the tracks of an oncoming train. The bad is coming, whatever it is. You can feel it. If you put your ear to […]

Medical Crisis Happens

A train track in front of you crossing a river.

I am writing this article because my husband had an medical crisis, massive heart attack, a couple of days and ten years ago. My family has been to hell and back in the last ten years. I have experience in how to deal with sudden crisis that changes everything. I have advice.  There may be […]

How To Prep for a Job Search over 55

Mature business woman. Prepping for a job search over 55

If you want to know how to prep for a job search over 55, I have just been through the process of getting a new job and, though it was difficult, it was also a lot of fun. And I was successful. There are many things in my life I am grateful for. One is […]

Self-Help? Happiness? When You’re Ready.

Most of us have had moments that bring us pure joy. Falling in love with the right person is like that. Marriage is like that. So is becoming a parent of a child or a fur baby. You are full of joy. But sometimes, the change is not favourable. We’ve all been through that as […]

How to Build a Breakwater

Porthcawl Pier being hit by a huge wave

A very long time ago, I visited my grandparents in England and spent weeks in Porthcawl, a town on the south coast of Wales, about an hour outside of Cardiff. It was the summer. Annie Burke, my paternal grandmother, would go every day to the seaside and sit with her friend Dyllis, warm in the […]

Implementing Keywords: Easy Newsletter 1.4

Implementing Keywords What do we do with the words and phrases people are using to find us and our product? Implementing keywords! It’s easy! Free newsletter and a free offer. Click here: #SEO #keywords #metatitle #metatag #blogging #website #optimization

Start Where They’re Looking – Keywords

A beautiful dog is waiting for you to enter your keywords into your blog or webpage.

The second issue of the Easy newsletter. Remember that your client is an active participant in the online sales cycle and they are looking for you. But what words and phrases are they using to find you on Google? It’s simple. Have a read. sales #keywords #keywordphrases #longtailkeywords #SEO #onlinesales #sitetraffic #buildyourbusiness #itseasy #google #search

My Own Story: Caregiving For Your Spouse, Three Things You Lose

Two hands holding another hand. A piece about caregiving, longterm caregiving and the toll on the caregiver.

And What You Can Do About It. This one was difficult to write but I expect it’s better out than in. I’ve been caring for my husband for a long time. I am passing on a bit of advice to those in the same boat. Read the full story:…#longtermillness#longtermdisability#caregiving#caregiver#mylife#braininjury

That granny? Way Cooler Than You.

A little tongue in cheek here. And maybe, a little not. A word about how we treat older women and wondering what we are losing because of it. Enjoy! READ ARTICLE HERE #old #age #ageism #ageing #descrimination #rethink #capable #fun #youngatheart #coolerthanyou