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Blogging Hamilton offers high-quality, blogging and SEO services. We service Hamilton and the Niagara Region. 
Strategic blogging helps boost SEO by using keywords and long keyword phrases to get your website seen. Have your site rank as a top answer for customer queries on search engines. Or as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions on Google.

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Is Blogging Worth It In 2022?

You bet. Blogging will help you be seen at the top of Google searches for your business or service in Hamilton. Blog posts get your relevant content out there for your visitors to consume. Blogging will attract more visitors, attract higher quality leads, and help you build your business.
Orbitmedia does a massive blogging survey every year. Over 77% of consistent bloggers saw favourable results for their efforts. And 1 in 5 bloggers is reporting strong results – higher traffic, higher-quality traffic, and conversions. All this means business growth which is why blogs are good for business.

However, the Orbitmedia study confirms that blogs are getting longer, and bloggers with longer content are more likely to see significant results. And most bloggers post weekly or more. With each blog taking, on average, over four hours to write, many small businesses are unable to play this most critical game in modern business.


Get Blogging Hamilton!

If you are a brick and mortar or online service centred in Hamilton or the Niagara region, our team is standing by to explain to you how blogging will help build your businessWe will show you when to expect your ROI (return on investment) and give you a glimpse of how much your business will grow over the next years.
Blogging will help you connect with your prospective customers who are trying to find you on the InternetThis method works because Google wants it to work. We are using the search engines’ own methods to help you rank. We’ll explain it in clear, understandable language. No BS. AND our rates are highly reasonable.

No obligation, free SEO assessment. Seriously.


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Blogging Hamilton is the brainchild of Jacqui Burke, Storytelling, Blogger, SEO Specialist, and Digital Marketing Specialist.

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