Self-Help? Happiness? When You’re Ready.

Most of us have had moments that bring us pure joy. Falling in love with the right person is like that. Marriage is like that. So is becoming a parent of a child or a fur baby. You are full of joy. But sometimes, the change is not favourable. We’ve all been through that as […]

How to Build a Breakwater

Porthcawl Pier being hit by a huge wave

A very long time ago, I visited my grandparents in England and spent weeks in Porthcawl, a town on the south coast of Wales, about an hour outside of Cardiff. It was the summer. Annie Burke, my paternal grandmother, would go every day to the seaside and sit with her friend Dyllis, warm in the […]

My Own Story: Caregiving For Your Spouse, Three Things You Lose

Two hands holding another hand. A piece about caregiving, longterm caregiving and the toll on the caregiver.

And What You Can Do About It. This one was difficult to write but I expect it’s better out than in. I’ve been caring for my husband for a long time. I am passing on a bit of advice to those in the same boat. Read the full story:…#longtermillness#longtermdisability#caregiving#caregiver#mylife#braininjury

Is Conservatism Really Fiscally Responsible? (Part 1: Family Planning)

A young couple plans their future. Conservatism.

In this wee series, I (very, very) lightly — and with a pinch of humour — take a peek at what it means to be a conservative in a late-stage capitalist oligarchy essentially wondering if Conservatism really has anything to do with fiscal responsibility. Part 1: Contraception and Abortion Conservative factions in North America are […]

The Power of a Humanities Education

Sheena Jary

What Do You Need? Sometimes in life, you bump into exactly what you need to at the time you need it. As many of you know, I’ve gone back to school to finish something I started 40 years ago – a university degree. After balancing my options, I decided to take the ENG2RW6, the one […]

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Custom_HTML”][/siteorigin_widget]   What if you had a friend who was always around but only contacted you when they wanted to borrow five bucks. How would that make you feel? Or they are walking ahead of you and you are staring at their back. They turn to say hi, you think, but all they want […]

Social Media

A long time ago, I used to be a Stage Manager. Stage Managers have so much to do in a given evening that it is impossible to do it all. You learn to be judicious with your time and energy or nothing gets done well. I have worked in social media, now, for seven or […]

The Myth of the Wunderkind

In many industries youth is currently favoured over wisdom and experience. It is thought that younger employees have more energy, more creativity, more zest for life, and, heck, they are darn cuter. Look much better on the Instagram account. Along with this idea is the corollory that any person who is good at a given […]

The Marketer’s Nightmare and The One Thing That Could Have Made It Dreamy

The Marketer’s Nightmare I would like to tell you a wee story. I am calling it the Marketer’s Nightmare because I watched the marketing fail over and over in this one story — and, I think these failures are quite common. Not all at once usually but quite common. Through this real story, I think […]