Implementing Keywords: Easy Newsletter 1.4

Implementing Keywords What do we do with the words and phrases people are using to find us and our product? Implementing keywords! It’s easy! Free newsletter and a free offer. Click here: #SEO #keywords #metatitle #metatag #blogging #website #optimization

Start Where They’re Looking – Keywords

A beautiful dog is waiting for you to enter your keywords into your blog or webpage.

The second issue of the Easy newsletter. Remember that your client is an active participant in the online sales cycle and they are looking for you. But what words and phrases are they using to find you on Google? It’s simple. Have a read. sales #keywords #keywordphrases #longtailkeywords #SEO #onlinesales #sitetraffic #buildyourbusiness #itseasy #google #search

Content is Core Values

As modern business diviners and creators, marketers struggle with moral questions every day. Well, this marketer does. I believe we thrive best when we honour our own core values. Constantly chasing content, many of us default to the easy: observing of ‘world days’ of interest to our community or to the general public. From stat […]

Welcome See Rock Live Mag!

Welcome to our new client! Thrilled to join your team! See Rock Live and See Rock Magazine is your source for info on live music in Toronto with event listings, video and in depth interviews, reviews, video and album releases, and hear-it-here-first rock news. Intrigued? Click right here.  

Welcome Challenge Factory!

  Welcome to our new client! Thrilled to join your team!   Challege Factory is a career development company headed by Lisa Taylor, thought-leader in the areas of career development, career shift, future work. Interested in hearing more about them? Click right here.  

This Is Your Year

BOOK A FREE CONSULT [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] This is the year you start to take advantage of tech that has been out there for AGES that can save you (on average) 47 hours a month on repetitive tasks. 47 hours a month! That’s like a 11 weeks of 8 hour days a year to do with as […]

How to Invite Your Friends to Like A Facebook Page

First navigate to your facebook page. This is Pterodactyl Problems, a band who you are going to know a lot about, soon. Click on the three little dots just underneath the cover page. A dropdown menu will appear. Find the ‘Invite Friends’ option and click. Then find the ‘Select All’ button and click on it. […]

Are You Missing Out On The Power Of YouTube?

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Video”][/siteorigin_widget] Are You Missing Out On The Power Of Youtube Video is the number one marketing tool on the internet right now precisely because it is under-utilized by most businesses especially professionals. In highly competitive market sectors, a video on your welcome page can mean the difference between a bounce (someone leaving immediately) or […]

Could you be making way more sales?

Could you be making way more sales this holiday season? [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] 40% OF GOOGLE SEARCHES HAVE LOCAL INTENT. Get that traffic through your door. Did you know that well over 50% of all sales start online – including brick and mortar and consulting services? Remember when having a yellow pages ad was crucial to attracting […]