Bread for Fairies: Recovering From Brain Injury

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When a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury, they can change so dramatically that you almost don’t recognize them anymore. You find yourself, months following the event, staring across the kitchen table at someone who looks like the guy you married but is not him anymore. Not only is this person disagreeable and short-tempered, […]

Medical Crisis Happens

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I am writing this article because my husband had an medical crisis, massive heart attack, a couple of days and ten years ago. My family has been to hell and back in the last ten years. I have experience in how to deal with sudden crisis that changes everything. I have advice.  There may be […]

That granny? Way Cooler Than You.

A little tongue in cheek here. And maybe, a little not. A word about how we treat older women and wondering what we are losing because of it. Enjoy! READ ARTICLE HERE #old #age #ageism #ageing #descrimination #rethink #capable #fun #youngatheart #coolerthanyou

Is it time to let business go casual?

A woman sits on a bed with her laptop. Jacqui Burke. Digital Marketing Specialist. Writer. Content Creator.

(And not just on Fridays – and not just clothes)? I keep seeing posts — this is purely anecdotal — about how people are skiving off when they work at home. Apparently, people… READ THE FULL POST ON MEDIUM

Sustenance — My Father’s Legacy

Do You Have To Be So Hard? Loving Life As You Age. My Dad was (as some of you already know) hard. Hard on himself and those around him. He only understood and expressed love through restraint, through hard work, through the pain of a difficult workout. And he made my life hell for about […]

Easier and Harder to go Back to School

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As I come to the end of the first university course that will allow me to finish my degree at sixty years old, I am surprised at two things. One, that it has been easier than I expected and two, that it’s been harder than I expected. The Easier The work has been easier than […]

How to Invite Your Friends to Like A Facebook Page

First navigate to your facebook page. This is Pterodactyl Problems, a band who you are going to know a lot about, soon. Click on the three little dots just underneath the cover page. A dropdown menu will appear. Find the ‘Invite Friends’ option and click. Then find the ‘Select All’ button and click on it. […]

What Would You Rather Do?

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Video”][/siteorigin_widget] Entrepreneurs and small business people currently spend about 47 hours a month on repetitive tasks that can be automated. What would you do with the extra time? [siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Button_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Some unscary small print: No credit card required. All work is 100% guaranteed if you are not fully satisfied. Seriously.

Are You Saving All The Time You Could Be?

A sole proprietor can save an amazing amount of time on admin tasks that are nothing on their own but when added up can represent almost 7 hours’ worth of work per order. One full day. [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] A pretty standard admin process takes almost 7 hours. One working day. Read a list here. [siteorigin_widget […]