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First Lines Club Week #3
Gift Card Awarded – Vote for First Line Only

Cast your vote here!

Each week I publish three new first lines from novels classic and new.

Choose the first line you like the best so we can together decide which is the best first line, ever. 

Play each week for chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card! One card will be delivered each week to those week’s players. The Gift Card winner is chosen competely randomly. Your information will never be shared, traded, or sold. Period. I just wanted to meet a bunch of people who love to read. So, onward.

You will receive one email weekly that publishes the First Line Winner and the Gift Card Winner and the odd little musing on my part. By participating, you agree to let me publish your first name and last initial.

So, cast your vote!

  • Call me.
  • Write me.
  • My favourite colour is black. I wear black a whole lot.
  • My favourite animal is the tiger. Which is good because I am a tiger according to Chinese astrology.
  • I have two cats. My favourite humans are my daughter and my husband.
  • My favourite movie, right now, is Oppenheimer but I really love action movies, probably my favourite is The Matrix.