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How to Invite Your Friends to Like A Facebook Page

First navigate to your facebook page. This is Pterodactyl Problems, a band who you are going to know a lot about, soon.

Click on the three little dots just underneath the cover page.

A dropdown menu will appear. Find the ‘Invite Friends’ option and click.

Then find the ‘Select All’ button and click on it.

You will see the selected number change.

You can scroll through or search and deselect whom you choose.

Then click ‘Send Invitations’


That’s it! When someone accepts your invite, you will get a notification.


  • Call me.
  • Write me.
  • My favourite colour is black. I wear black a whole lot.
  • My favourite animal is the tiger. Which is good because I am a tiger according to Chinese astrology.
  • I have two cats. My favourite humans are my daughter and my husband.
  • My favourite movie, right now, is Oppenheimer but I really love action movies, probably my favourite is The Matrix.