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The Myth of the Wunderkind

In many industries youth is currently favoured over wisdom and experience. It is thought that younger employees have more energy, more creativity, more zest for life, and, heck, they are darn cuter. Look much better on the Instagram account.

Along with this idea is the corollory that any person who is good at a given industry, say, flogging cupcakes, can transition into pretty any other industry, say, WWF wrestling, and thrive with minimal onboarding. There is a second corollory to this theory, following on the first — that a talented amateur is probably just as good *or even better* than the long term professional.

Experience is then, not a good thing. I have even had people suggest that it is a bad thing. People get stale and sour.  They stop performing a peak efficiency and get lazy.

So, I wondered, why don´t doctors seem to suffer this fate?

If you found out you had cancer, would you go to a young person just out of med school or would you go to the person (probably at least 50+) who is at the top of her or his field, who has seen hundreds if not thousands of patients, is performing cutting edge research or is associated with same?

Would you go to the wunderkind? Or the chick just brought in from neo-natal? Or your neighbour´s cousin who has done a ton of resarch?

I  know which person I would go to to ensure that I survived. I would go to the doctor who has been doing this job for decades. That is who I would go to.

An example from the two industries in which I have been working for most of my adult life: 1) theatre and 2) marketing.


I tend to work with artists who are emerging into professional work, at that strange juncture called semi-professional. In the last three decades, I have watched the role of the director be undermined by consistently hiring people with little or no experience in the role. They might have great acting chops or be amazing producers or solid musical directors but they aren´t directors.  So, they often fail.

What happens? Everyone steps in to fill the void. Over time, these sweet, often very gung-ho directors become more and more ignored while people do what they have to do to perform as well as they can. End result is, of course a fragmented show – as if all the people involved were doing their own show indepentently of everyone else. Which, in fact, is what is happening. There´s nothing particularly wrong with it. The audience will, likely, be entertained. But it´s just not well directed. In fact, I can tell you within a couple of minutes of a show starting whether I am in good hands directorally or not.

And, in general, at that level, I am often not in very good hands. That has resulted in me making the decision that I will just go and see professional work that has been well-reviewed by a person I respect. I am just tired of seeing crap.

Think about it: I am a prime target. I am no longer going.


I also do a lot of marketing. Social media marketing, straight business to business stuff, direct marketing…all the things. I am very glad that in my business I have contacts who believe in me? Why?

I have forty year old friends who have been booted from great jobs because they are considered too old. Too old? Some of the best marketers in the world didn’t even hit it big until they were past 50. Look at people like Steve Jobs – a guru — everyone followed him. Look at Colonel Saunders who didn’t even start Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was over 50. Mary Kay Ash? Complete industry game-changer. The same. Henry Ford didn’t start his motor car company until he was almost 40. There is example after example after example. These people were not just great marketers but they were business innovators, amazing, dynamic, energetic, and built empires.

So. What’s Going On?

Like many myths currently bouncing around, the Myth of the Wunderkind basically allows employers to fire their extremely talented and well paid senior employees and save money on the bottom line. Bottom line management has served to reduce the reputation of most major brands from my youth and, like the director in theatre, makes them less and less interesting.

Now, let me tell you that there are always amazing wunderkinds about. They come in and disrupt industries and make waves and make money. But don’t kid yourself that these people are few and far between. And remember that people do this AT ALL AGES. Do we need to ignore age when hiring? Uh. Yeah. Do we need to keep the experienced doctors around? Uh, yeah. We don’t want our patient to get sick.


Jacqui Burke is a marketer and theatrical director in Toronto, ON. She has been working in both fields for over thirty years (cause you can’t put on a show without getting the word out), is capaable of bringing old tecniques in line with the latest in tecnology and can offer. Her agency offers not only consulting but, also, top notch services including hosting, social media content and posting, video development, and website design. Got a question? Let her know!


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Jacqui Burke is a storyteller who writes and who also directs theatre. Jacqui has been telling stories for almost all her life (if you count the bedtime stories when her child was wee).

Jacqui is also very geeky and loves the puzzle of SEO. She offers SEO optimization and blogging services.

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    Chas Ellis Avatar Chas Ellis
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  • Jaybird Social Media provided excellent knowledge transfer when I needed some advice with online marketing. Jacqui evaluated the specific needs for my small artisan business and pointed me in the direction I need to be going. I felt like she understood my business and the whys and wherefores of social media and marketing and highly recommend Jaybird’s services.

    Lynn Wyminga Avatar Lynn Wyminga
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  • Jacqui and Jaybird Social Media have be awesome to work with and instrumental in the successful orchestration of our social media campaign. They have made a huge difference. I highly recommend them.

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  • Jaybird Social Media is an excellent resource for social media needs. Jacqui is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled and won’t just tell you what needs to be done but demonstrate clearly through her work the benefits of what needs to be done. She walked us through exactly what is important, why a business should do certain things in social media, and the results one can expect from specific actions. When you’re looking to get your business online and make yourself visible, it’s important to pick somebody who you can trust. After all, every business is your own pride and joy, and it’s important to know that your investments into your own business are worthwhile. Working with Jaybird Social Media was a joy and the results show. Thank you!

    Purple Squirrels Avatar Purple Squirrels
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  • Whoa! If this is what Jacqui offers in a free one hour consult, I can’t imagine the riches of her paid service. Jacqui shared so much of her knowledge in that small space of time, most of which was applicable and relevant. Thanks so much Jacqui.

    P3 Midwifery Avatar P3 Midwifery
    February 11, 2019
  • Music TORONTO has enjoyed working with Jacqui and Jaybird Social Media. Her professionalism and quick turnaround time make it a pleasure to work with her on projects like app development and movie screen ads!

    Heather Lacey Avatar Heather Lacey
    February 11, 2016
  • Jacqui’s skills as a graphic artist, a web designed and social media expert are solid. I use her for press releases, for social media campaigns, for graphic design and web design and I have nothing but good things to say. I can highly recommend her to you for your part or full time business. And please pay close attention to the need for your site to be mobile friendly, as once Jacqui made the adjustment to my site the number of unique (first time) visitors to those who became serious prospects for my service nearly doubled!

    Eskimo Pete Avatar Eskimo Pete
    February 11, 2019
  • I approached Jacqui to design a campaign website for me as I seek re-election as a Trustee for the TDSB. From our first meeting, I knew I had made the right choice. Jacqui had done her research and came equipped with a variety of suggestions to enhance my campaign both with the website and other aspects of the process. During the design of the website, my campaign team and I suggested changes long after Jacqui had done the initial layout. I delayed the date for going live on several occasions. No problem! She responded to all suggestions positively and made them work, no matter how far-fetched. Her rates were reasonable and very much worth the money spent. I have already linked Jacqui up with another candidate and will continue to recommend Jaybird Social Media in the future. Jerry Chadwick

    Jerry Chadwick Avatar Jerry Chadwick
    February 11, 2015

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