Turn Around, Bright Eyes


What if you had a friend who was always around but only contacted you when they wanted to borrow five bucks. How would that make you feel? Or they are walking ahead of you and you are staring at their back. They turn to say hi, you think, but all they want is a favour. That feels pretty shitty.

Funnily enough, many companies make this mistake in social media. And it's not intentional. It's really just an error in perception.

Most companies consider social media a broadcasting tool and a one way street.

But really, social media is not like the radio. It's there for conversation. Between equals. A give and take between folks interested in the same thing and in which both sides can really learn something. How do we achieve this when we only post when we want to sell tickets?

But Jacq, I am already exhausted. I am having trouble keeping up with everything I have to do already. How do you expect me to post all the time?

Seriously? I do not. Especially for my small businesses and entrepreneurs, I really suggest that you post once a week. And do this on your own terms. Post on a day in which you have a ton of energy (this is me -- I tend to post on Mondays) or post on a quiet day for you.

There are a lot of studies that talk about the best day to post and the best time of day. I tell my clients to adhere to these days and times only if they can. I prefer that they opt for consistency. Their community starts to become aware that they are posting that day and some even start to look for your posts; so that they can engage and comment.

But, really? You just don't want to be *that* guy, the lousy friend. Turn around, bright eyes. We want to see that fabulous smile.


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